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Five must-have themes for StimuWrite 2 with four additional backgrounds you can use with other themes!

Vaporwave Theme 

Experience the rush of zooming through a synthwave and vaporwave inspired landscape. Comes with an additional background 3D grid background and has a bonus custom emoji set

Clear Crystal Theme

This is the ultimate theme for users who want maximum stimulation. The clear theme gets out of your way so it's just your words and a stimulating background of your choice. Pairs perfectly with most of the built-in StimuWrite backgrounds.

Sunset Theme

The day is ending and you can finally unwind with a relaxing writing session. The Sunset Theme features calming colors and a never ending sunset video background that pairs perfectly with a cup of tea.

Liminal Theme

Do you write best in airports, hotel lobbies, or when you're zoned-out waiting for something? The Liminal Theme is for you. Comes with an additional escalator lobby background.

Outline Theme

The sister to the Clear Crystal theme, this theme works better with light backgrounds, and comes with a peaceful wavy light video background of it's own.

Note: You must have StimuWrite 2 to use these themes! You can download the app for pay-what-you-like or free on itchio here

Diamond asset in Vaporwave theme by Karolina Renkiewicz, Greek Column asset by TahirNilin

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AuthorClown Goddess (aka Eve Harms)
Tagsaddon, mod, stimuwrite, tool, writing


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this theme pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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I'm trying to install and use this but it's not working, if anyone knows how to help it would be appreciated! My issue is it's saying "no manager for installer unknown"

Hi Morb! You have to install it through the StimuWrite app, it won't work automatically with the itchio app. Make sure the base StimuWrite app is already installed and then follow the instructions below:

To Install:

    Download the theme pack into your file system (you may have to log into the itch.io website instead of the app to download)

    In StimuWrite version 2 and above, click the "Options" link button at the bottom of the writing panel next to "About"

    Select "Install Themes & Add-ons"

    Click "Install Theme or Add-on" button and select the theme file in your file folder

    That's it! Your new themes will appear in the Theme dropdown

To delete the theme pack after installation: If you are uninstalling StimuWrite and want to make sure the themes are removed from your computer, make sure to go to Options > Advanced Settings > Delete All. This will delete all StimuWrite content from your harddrive.

Please let you me know if you have any more issues, and thank you for getting the theme pack!

Do you know what it means when it says the themes or add ons may be corrupted or invalid? ^_^ thank you so much for your help!!!

Ah, sorry I just saw this. Which file/theme are you trying to load? That error message means that StimuWrite can't recognize it as a theme or addon and something is wrong with it.

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Clear Crystal combined with the Night background is such a mood, I love it.

The "liminal space" + background conversations has been *so good* for my writing. I'm wondering if there's a way to import our own sounds; I think lo-fi would go *great* with some of these themes.


Hello! I don't know if you take requests, but I'm writing a cyberpunk story and even the “Vaporwave” theme, I still miss a mood. A theme with a city full of lights would be awesome!

Also some romantic theme, I love writing my characters in love hahaha

Thank you in advance!


These are all wonderful! Will be the next buy.  :)


I’m glad you like them!


Vaporwave was something I needed without knowing I needed it. I'm obsessed.


omg yay! Thank you for letting me know :)